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Jawatan Kosong di Google Malaysia (KL) - 31 Januari 2019

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Jawatan Kosong 2019 di Google Malaysia (KL) | Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada Warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan dan berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan ditawarkan untuk memohon jawatan kosong di Google Malaysia (KL)

Jawatan Kosong 2018 di Google Malaysia (KL)

Company Overview

Google was founded in 1996 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University, California. Together, they own about 14 percent of its shares and control 56 percent of the stockholder voting power through supervoting stock. They incorporated Google as a privately held company on September 4, 1998. An initial public offering (IPO) took place on August 19, 2004, and Google moved to its new headquarters in Mountain View, California, nicknamed the Googleplex.

In August 2015, Google announced plans to reorganize its various interests as a conglomerate called Alphabet. Google, Alphabet's leading subsidiary, will continue to be the umbrella company for Alphabet's Internet interests. Upon completion of the restructure, Sundar Pichai became CEO of Google, replacing Larry Page, who became CEO of Alphabet.

Like Page Khas - Kerja Kosong di Kuala Lumpur

1. Ads Marketing Lead (English)

Minimum qualifications:

Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience.

8 years of experience in brand/product marketing with technology companies, and/or management consulting firms.

Ability to speak and write in English fluently and idiomatically.

Preferred qualifications:

Experience in developing marketing strategies, expertise support and enabling a sales organization.

Experience running agency partners to produce event and creative experiences.

Excellent project management and organizational skills, with the ability to run, coordinate and track multiple simultaneous projects and deliverables in a highly dynamic and constantly evolving context.

Structured and proactive, eye for constant innovation and improvement.

Demonstrated leadership, personal and communications skills; a profound willingness to collaborate internally and externally.

Skilled communicator with strong written and verbal communication and presentation skills, with the ability to comfortably interface with all levels of management and to communicate cross-functionally in a structured and clear manner to influence outcome; as well as to translate complex ideas into simple and intuitive communications.

Close date : 31 January 2019

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