Jawatan Kosong di Mitsubishi Elevator Malaysia Sdn Bhd - 9 Mei 2020 - KERJA KOSONG 2021 | JAWATAN KOSONG KERAJAAN 2021

Jawatan Kosong di Mitsubishi Elevator Malaysia Sdn Bhd - 9 Mei 2020

Jawatan Kosong 2020 di Mitsubishi Elevator Malaysia Sdn Bhd | Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada Warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan dan berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan ditawarkan untuk memohon jawatan kosong di Mitsubishi Elevator Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Jawatan Kosong 2020 di Mitsubishi Elevator Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Company Overview

Mitsubishi Electric elevators and escalators are defined by the phrase, Quality in Motion. It’s a concept that has grown out of an attention to detail that manifested in exceptional-quality products as far back as the 1930s. Our customers appreciate the higher standard that we set for ourselves. They know that the level of attention to detail we’re famous for will protect their investments in what are widely acknowledged to be the highest quality elevators, escalators and moving walks available.


Based on our policy, “Quality in Motion”, we provide elevators and escalators that will satisfy our customers with high levels of comfort, efficiency, ecology and safety.

Mitsubishi Electric elevators, escalators and building management systems are always evolving, helping achieve our goal of being the No.1 brand in quality. In order to satisfy customers in all aspects of comfort, efficiency and safety while realizing a sustainable society, quality must be of the highest level in all products and business activities, while priority is place on consideration for the environment. As the times change, Mitsubishi Electric promises to utilize the collective strengths of its advanced and environmental technologies to offer its customers safe and reliable products while contributing to society.

Like Group Khas - Banyak Jawatan Kosong

1. Engineer

2. Engineer

3. Sales Support Engineer (Lift & Escalator)

4. Project Engineer (KL)

5. Lift & Escalators Technicians (Penang)

6. IT Support Executive


i. Permohonan untuk senarai kerja kosong di atas adalah melalui Jobstreet. Oleh demikian, anda dikehendaki mendaftar terlebih dahulu sebelum memohon. Tutorial mendaftar dan memohon ada admin sediakan di sini

ii. Jika sudah mendaftar, anda bolehlah memohon jawatan kosong di atas dengan menekan link yang admin sediakan di bawah. Semoga anda diberikan rezeki oleh Nya untuk memperoleh pekerjaan yang diidamkan. Aminn..

Close date : 03 - 09 May 2020

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