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Jawatan Kosong di Perdana University - 3 November 2023

Jawatan Kosong 2023 di Perdana University | Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada Warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan dan berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan ditawarkan untuk memohon jawatan kosong di Perdana University



Duties and Responsibilities:

Recruitment and Selection
  1. Liaise with Managers or Heads of Departments and Schools to identify and recruit the right candidates.
  2. Carry out recruitment and selection process for all Departments and Schools of the University.
  3. Pre-screen and assess applicants by conducting pre-screening interviews in matching job applicants’ competencies, relevant work experience and qualifications against Manpower Requisition Forms submitted by Managers or Heads of Departments and Schools.
  4. Defining and developing job description for current and future employees
  5. Assist Head of Department in managing effective recruitment timeframes and ensuring positions are filled in a timely manner and in line with expectations of Managers or Heads of Departments and Schools.
  6. Source for candidates through online portals such as and other recruitment channels such as newspaper advertisement, twitter, etc.
  7. Develop a talent pool of qualified candidates in advance for future needs
  8. Utilize internet or online portals for recruitment;
  9. post positions to appropriate internet sources
  10. improve the university website recruiting section to assist in recruiting
  11. research new ways of using internet for recruitment
  12. use social and professional sites to identify and source candidates
  13. Create and maintain all applications and interview data in the database
  14. Assist in performing reference and background checks for potential employees as and when required or requested.
  15. Prepare correspondence - rejection letters/emails to unsuccessful candidates.
  16. Assist in interviewing or in some cases to conduct interview and candidates onsite.
  17. Prepare and send Employment Contract, Letter of Appointment and all other documents/forms to successful candidates.
  18. To prepare orientation kit for Head of Department’s review and to continue with the exercise once approved.
  19. Assist Head of Department in all matters with the objective to manage and improve the recruitment process from time to time.


i. Permohonan untuk senarai kerja kosong di atas adalah melalui Jobstreet. Oleh demikian, anda dikehendaki mendaftar terlebih dahulu sebelum memohon. Tutorial mendaftar dan memohon ada admin sediakan di sini

ii. Jika sudah mendaftar, anda bolehlah memohon jawatan kosong di atas dengan menekan link yang admin sediakan di bawah. Semoga anda diberikan rezeki oleh Nya untuk memperoleh pekerjaan yang diidamkan. Aminn..

Closing Date : 03 November 2023

Jawatan Kosong 2021 di Perdana University

Company Overview

PERDANA UNIVERSITY offers medical programme in collaboration with Royal College of Surgeons,Ireland, as well as in other medical areas such as bioinformatics, occupational therapy and international trade programmes and is seeking dynamic individuals to join the University.

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