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Jawatan Kosong di Shopback Cashback Sdn Bhd - 5 Julai 2022

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Jawatan Kosong 2022 di Shopback Cashback Sdn Bhd | Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada Warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan dan berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan ditawarkan untuk memohon jawatan kosong di Shopback Cashback Sdn Bhd

Jawatan Kosong 2021 di Shopback Cashback Sdn Bhd

Company Overview

ShopBack is a platform for e-commerce discovery and loyalty. We have evolved from a small local startup into the no.1 cashback site in Singapore, achieved with a passion to bring value to our customers along with the best online shopping experience. As the fastest growing e-commerce startup in Southeast Asia, we provide an unparalleled startup experience: ever-challenging work coupled with endless fun with a team you can’t help but love.
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  • Problem-solving: dive deep to identify the root cause of operational problems.
  • Analytical mindset: query, and manipulate data in order to investigate arising situations, as well as to identify areas for improvement. 
  • Ability to make sense of large sets of data, basic understanding of data models.
  • Process oriented: able to oversee a large scope of processes corresponding to specific (groups of) merchants & networks.
  • Leadership: guide and inspire the team to set ambitious goals and smash them. 
  • Ownership: be reliable in managing the functional scope autonomously, and ensure interests of customers, merchants and ShopBack are protected.
  • Strong business acumen: able to quickly grasp business requirements from various stakeholders.
  • Growth mindset: be hungry to learn and teach, receive and give candid feedback eagerly.

Close date : 05 July 2022

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