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Jawatan Kosong di Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) - 22 Januari 2023

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Jawatan Kosong 2023 di Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) | Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada Warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan dan berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan ditawarkan untuk memohon jawatan kosong di  Telekom Malaysia Berhad



Job Details
Position : Asst Mgr Carrier Sales Sabah
Division : Division Malaysia Carrier Sales
Company : Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Employment : Permanent
Type : Executive
No. of Vacancies : 1

About the Job:

As representative of TM Wholesale in Sabah region to deliver the aspiration of TM by performing the tasks related to Sales and Accounts management for Regional Sabah Customers who are MCMC license holder and ensure the achievement of revenue and physical targets, customer satisfaction, profitability and customer loyalty to TM through effective account management.

Key Responsibilities:
  • Intensively seek for the potential business & secure the deals to achieve the approved sales target as per current year AOP. Compile and consolidate service requirement, demand forecast and funnels based on business leads on quarterly basis via common communication platform to ensure smooth disseminate and monitoring. To ensure updating of Sales Force Automation on weekly basis.
  • To ensure customer requirement recorded and followed through during pre-sales activity including monitoring and coordination with relevant stake holder to ensure service delivery as per planned and meet customer expectation.
  • Participate in discussion with related stakeholder at district/state level on TMW service requirement to achieve high level of operational excellence, network reliability and availability within the required cost efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Manage Business Arrangement Agreement (BAA) to ensure efficient and cost effective operational budget allocation
  • Manage sales issues to ensure customer perception towards TM Wholesale is of the highest quality with minimal disruptions and dissatisfaction.
  • Ensure sales and account management including credit management is performed with high productivity and cost effectiveness.
  • Ensure targeted business and customer profitability by providing options and studying financial analysis results and formulating most profitable sales plan.
  • Intensively seek for the potential business & secure the deals to achieve the approved financial & physical sales target for the current year AOP through selling TM Wholesale products and cross-selling other LOBs products.
  • Collaborate and liaise with local authority and building management in obtaining the work permit as and when required to ensure smooth execution of plan
  • Develop, enhance and maintain a good relationship with customer through varies informal activities and be a resource person for TM Wholesale to get intelligent information on potential opportunities.
  • Assist and provide administrative support as when and where’s required by internal stakeholders to ensure good customer experience
  • Ensure account retention via customer service excellence, inclusive of service fulfillment, assurance (pre-sales, service delivery and after-sales services). Ensure services rendered can be charged as soon as possible, ensure timely accurate billing, resolving any disputes from customer and ensure timely collection and settlement.
  • Managing the ROW services and all related issues with TowerCo and State Backed Company (SBC). Maintain and ensure compliance to the Access Agreement (AA), SLA, other agreements and MCMC guidelines and directions.
  • As the mediator between MobileCo team with TowerCo, SBC and internal/external stakeholders especially in meeting TM’s aspiration through programs undertaken by TM Wholesale; e.g. Jendela, 5G, etc.

We Value:
Minimum 5 years in Network Development & Operation, Business Support and Sales & Marketing

You Must Have:
Education in Bachelor Degree (Engineering/IT or Accounting or Business Administration or related field)

Tarikh Tutup : 17 Januari 2023


Job Details
Position : Penolong Pegawai Teknik
Division : Division Integrated Service Desk
Company : Telekom Malaysia Berhad
Region : Central
Employment : Permanent
Type : Non Executive
No. of Vacancies : 1

About the Job:

Melaksanakan, mengendalikan dan mengekalkan fungsi PSD untuk menerima semua aduan kerosakan perkhidmatan litar pajakan domestik dan antarabangsa di seluruh negara daripada pelanggan "Enterprise’s Managed" dan "Unmanaged" dengan menyediakan perkhidmatan 24 X 7 untuk memenuhi jangkaan pelanggan.

Key Responsibilities:

Untuk mengendalikan Pusat Operasi Khidmat Pelanggan dalam menyediakan Pengendalian Kesalahan 24 x 7 di seluruh negara untuk semua Pelanggan Perkhidmatan ''Managed" and ''Unmanaged Services" Customers TM ONE. Untuk mengendalikan & mengurus waktu kerja biasa dan operasi pasukan syif
Menguruskan sejumlah besar panggilan masuk dan keluar tepat pada masanya selain mengenal pasti keperluan pelanggan, menjelaskan maklumat, menyelidik setiap isu dan menyediakan penyelesaian.
Untuk melaksanakan perkhidmatan sokongan penyelesaian masalah peringkat pertama untuk mendiagnosis kerosakan bagi meminimumkan masalah untuk semua produk dan perkhidmatan TM ONE disebabkan oleh peralatan premis pelanggan.
Memantau secara proaktif semua produk yang diuruskan untuk semua produk TM ONE menggunakan tol sebagai SFMCE, ISPEED.
Untuk memantau, melaksanakan tahap pertama dan menyelaraskan produk DWDM dengan vendor dan NMCC untuk proses pemulihan.

We Value
Minimum 3 years in Customer Service, Telecommunication, Networking atau pengalaman yang berkaitan, adalah kelebihan tambahan.

Technical Competency Requirements
1.   Intermediate level in Ability to understand, use, perform and execute IP Networking

You Must Have

1. Professional in Certificate (CCNA, ITIL, ISO and Quality Program, Netwok Operation Support or equivalent, adalah kelebihan tambahan.)

2. Education in Diploma (Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science or equivalent, adalah kelebihan tambahan.)

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Tarikh Tutup : 22 Januari 2023

*Sila baca syarat kelayakan sebelum memohon melalui link yang admin sediakan di bawah

Jawatan Kosong 2022 di Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM)

Latar Belakang

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), is the national connectivity and digital infrastructure provider and Malaysia’s leading integrated telco; offering a comprehensive suite of communication services and solutions in fixed (telephony and broadband), mobility, content, WiFi, ICT, Cloud and smart services. TM is driven by stakeholder value creation in a highly competitive environment; and places emphasis on delivering an enhanced customer experience via continuous customer service quality improvements and innovations, whilst focusing on increased operational efficiency and productivity.

As the enabler of the nation’s Digital Malaysia aspiration, TM has been at the forefront of each telecommunication technology evolution in the country, and will continue to do so. It provides the communications backbone of Malaysia with the widest connectivity and convergence network. TM remains committed to continue to expand its network with a comprehensive digital infrastructure - as its moves beyond connectivity services into new value-added digital services - to serve a more digital lifestyle and society, digital businesses and digital Government – towards making, “Life and Business Easier, for a better Malaysia”.

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