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Jawatan Kosong di Penang Port Sdn Bhd - 22 Mei 2023

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Jawatan Kosong 2023 di Penang Port Sdn Bhd | Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada Warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan dan berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan ditawarkan untuk memohon jawatan kosong di Penang Port Sdn Bhd



Designation : Quantity Surveyor
Department : Facilities & Infrastructure
Section/Unit : Civil Infra Development

Job Responsibilities:

1. To prepare cost estimation, planning and analysis for all Port Infrastructure Development, Improvement & Special Projects.

2. Managing project to ensure project cost, quality, and duration within the agreed values.

3. Carry out feasibility study in term of project estimation cost.

4. Assessment and valuation of construction work done including variations.

5. Preparation and recommendation for payment including variation order.

6. Site visits and future projections of tasks ahead.

7. Cost monitoring and controlling.

8. Drafting contract conditions.

9. Procurement advice including tendering strategy.

10. Preparing bill of quantities (BQ) and tender document aligned with Procurement Policy and guideline.

11. Advice on contractual disputes.

12. Preparation of project final account.

13. To optimize all resources within Engineering to achieve the targets in the established SOP.

Job Requirement/Competency:

Qualification & Experience:

• Degree in Quantity Surveyor
• Minimum three (3) years working experience as Quantity Surveyor.
• Good knowledge of construction.
• Excellent problem-solving, communication and negotiating skills.
• Good financial and numeracy management skills
• Well verse with HSE building regulations and legal guidelines 


Designation : Executive, Technical
Department : Facilities & Infrastructure
Section/Unit : Civil Facilities

Job Responsibilities:

1. To reviews maintenance contract/annual contract with previous work accomplished on facilities and infrastructure concerned to determine that expenditures are economically sound. Prepares recommendations for work, and initiates tendering process.

2. Reviewing contract scope of work, execution plan, construction strategies.

3. To liaise with internal parties on daily basis to ensure work is carried out in accordance to the contract and established work/site procedure.

4. To check for the preliminary, progress and final payments for work progress and material at site including the preparation of the defect list.

5. Organizing video and tele conference, interfaces meeting, etc for exchange of interdependent maintenance contract/annual contract information expeditiously

6. Monitor status of interface agreement across maintenance contract/annual contract and provide regular updates to Project SO / PM where appropriate.

7. Keep management and other routinely informed of project status and all development that impact schedule, safety and reputation through regular report.

8. Provide support for finalization of installation methodology, plan and resources for safe installation of module.

9. Assisting review and finalization of overall maintenance contract/annual contract schedule, progress monitoring and expediting.

10. To develop progress measurement to track the maintenance contract/annual contract progress.

11. To perform progress analysis which includes critical path analysis, variance analysis, claim vs earned value analysis discrepancy analysis and what if analysis of a project.

12. To prepare programme and methodology presentation slides for a briefing to team.

13. To monitor and update of maintenance contract/annual contract progress and target.

14. To develop the project weekly and monthly target.

15. To comply with OSHE requirement are implemented at site and conduct safety awareness to contractors during commencement of works

16. To supervise and inspection of works in ensuring works are carried out as per drawings, specifications and other available contract documents

17. To review drawings and specification and identify the discrepancies.

18. To review Technical Queries if any and coordinate with the Consultant to ensure no delay to physical works.

19. To manage and monitor the Sub-Contractor to commence works to the required standards and specifications.

Job Requirement/Competency:

Educational/Professional Qualification
• Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering or Building Technology or Construction Management.

Relevant Experience
• Two (2) years working experience and engagement in Civil Engineering or Civil Technology related.
• Proficient in AUTOCAD & Microsoft Office


Designation : Technician Crm
Department : Facilities & Infrastructure
Section/unit : Civil Facilities

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible to perform and daily inspection & report, monthly inspection & report, quarterly inspection & report and plan preventive maintenance to PPSB’s Installation and recommend remedial works to meet regulatory & statutory, engineering, functional and operational standards within expected period as stipulated in SLA & SOP.

2. To perform site inspection for any request from user or superior based on PM01 raised and to fill up their findings & assessment in Inspection Report Form within expected period as stipulated in SLA & SOP.

3. To assess accident /property damage and estimate repair / replacement cost for cost recovery and reinstatement within expected period as stipulated in SLA & SOP.

4. To prepare estimation, specifications, bill of quantities, urgent RFQ, site visits, Technical Evaluation within expected period as stipulated in SLA & SOP.

5. To attend ERC for works related to Civil Repair & Maintenance.

6. Inspection, assessment & verification of completed work for payment process within expected period as stipulated in SLA & SOP.

7. To attend meetings related to Civil Repair & Maintenance work & issues.

8. To attend any inspection related to Civil Repair & Maintenance as well as Safety.

9. To attend related Civil repair & maintenance training to enhance competencies, knowledge & skills.

10. To monitor contract & annual contract related to Civil Repair & Maintenance works.

11. To carry out minor Civil Repair & Maintenance work via in-house using available resources.

12. To monitor & update all works in weekly update report within expected period.

13. To execute any task assigned by Superior related to Civil Repair & Maintenance works within expected period.

14. To liaise with the other Divisions pertaining to repair and maintenance works to meet functional and operational standards.

15. Instilling safety awareness and compliances to Contractors during commencement of repair works in accordance to the safety standards.

16. To perform contract/works administration and supervision including daily supervision and inspection of works done by contractors, prepare progress and final payments, check and prepare defect list, prepare progress report and expenditure report, prepare completion report, attend site meeting to the conditions of contract.

Job Requirement/Competency:

Qualification & Experience

• Minimum Diploma in Civil Engineering or Equivalent
• Minimum three (3) years working experience in a similar field
• Experience in drafting specification and preparing estimates
• Knowledge in Port & Harbour Engineering, OSHE & FMA
• Proficient in Microsoft Office


Kindly send your latest resume with copy of certificates to:


or email us at by/before 22nd May 2023

* Sila baca terlebih dahulu iklan lengkap yang admin sediakan di bawah

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Tarikh Tutup Permohonan : 22 Mei 2023 (Isnin)

Jawatan Kosong 2023 di Penang Port Sdn Bhd

Latar Belakang

Located in the state of Penang, in the north-west of Peninsular Malaysia.

Though being known as the oldest and longest established port in Malaysia., Penang Port paved a boutique role by serving as the primary gateway to the Northern region of Malaysia and Southern Thailand, serving the basins of the Straits of Malacca and the Gulf of Bengal.

Pursuant to the privatisation agreement dated 31st December 1993 (“Privatisation Agreement”) entered between the Government of Malaysia, Penang Port Commission (“PPC”) and Penang Port Sdn Bhd (“PPSB”), Penang Port shall operate, manage, provide operational facilities, and port services in the Port of Penang to control, maintain, construct, improve, and develop the Port commencing 1st January 1994.

Penang Port houses a plethora of services, lending itself well as a multipurpose port that provides unique value towards the growth of industries in Penang. Being situated in Penang is also a major game-changer, as Penang is strategically linked to the Indonesia – Malaysia – Thailand Growth Triangle (IMTGT). The IMT-Growth Triangle promotes private-sector led economic growth, facilitates the development of the sub-region as a whole by addressing complementarities, and comparative advantages of the member countries.

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