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Jawatan Kosong di Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd - 26 Jun 2023

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Jawatan Kosong 2023 di Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd | Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada Warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan dan berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan ditawarkan untuk memohon jawatan kosong di Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd



  • Degree in Finance/Accountancy, ACCA, CIMA or equivalent.
  • Good written and communication skills in English and Bahasa Malaysia.
  • Possess good interpersonal skill, initiative, self-motivated with an analytical mind.
  • Positive working attitude, fast learner and willing to learn.
  • High degree of accuracy and attention to details.
  • Check and verify month-end closing reports from production, the stock take sheet and the loose stock report.
  • Assist in preparing the management report, inventory report, sales report, cripples report, gross profit report, plant and building expenses summary report and product costing for month-end closing.
  • Analyse gross profit and actual consumption.
  • Assist with the application of sales tax exemptions for spare parts and machinery.
  • Assist in preparing documents and liaising with Custom and tax authorities on refund status and tax audit requests.
  • Assist with the process of SST submission.
  • Performs any other duties as assigned by superior as and when required.


i. Permohonan untuk senarai kerja kosong di atas adalah melalui Jobstreet. Oleh demikian, anda dikehendaki mendaftar terlebih dahulu sebelum memohon. Tutorial mendaftar dan memohon ada admin sediakan di sini

ii. Jika sudah mendaftar, anda bolehlah memohon jawatan kosong di atas dengan menekan link yang admin sediakan di bawah. Semoga anda diberikan rezeki oleh Nya untuk memperoleh pekerjaan yang diidamkan. Aminn..

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Close date : 26 Jun 2023

Jawatan Kosong di Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd

Company Overview

Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd (GBKL) is a joint venture company of Singapore listed Food Group, QAF Ltd, which also operates Gardenia Singapore and Philippines and a Malaysian company, Padiberas Nasional Berhad.

In 1969, an American named Horatio Sye Slocumm was sent by International Executive Service Corporation (IESC) to East Malaysia to start a bakery. Mr. Slocumm brought with him 35 years of baking experience with one of America's leading chain of bakeries. Gardenia was born.

Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd rolled the first loaf of bread off its line in 1986. Within four short years, it became the bread market leader with an astounding 99 percent brand recall rate and 80 percent top-of-mind recall.

Gardenia's range of products grew and evolved through the years, becoming better and better with each step. Leveraging on its brand strength, Gardenia now produces a variety of baked products to satisfy consumers' demands.

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