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Jawatan Kosong di Kulim Technology Park Corporation Sdn Bhd - 9 Mei 2023

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Jawatan Kosong 2023 di Kulim Technology Park Corporation Sdn Bhd | Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada Warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan dan berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan ditawarkan untuk memohon jawatan kosong di Kulim Technology Park Corporation Sdn Bhd



Job Highlights:
  • Allowance
  • Medical Benefits
  • Uniform

General Information:

a. Minimum Qualification: Professional Certificate in Electrical or Mechanical;

b. Category of Certificate of Competence at least AO;

c. Good Communication & Writing in Bahasa Malaysia and English;

d. Minimum 2 – 3 year(s) working experience in building and property maintenance;

e. Reliable transportation and a flexible schedule to respond to emergencies;

Value add

f. Ability to take initiative;

g. Comprehensive knowledge of plumbing, heating, HVAC , electrical systems and CCTV;

h. Physical ability to bend, crouch and lift objects throughout the workday

i. Proficient with Microsoft Office or related software.

j. knowledge and experience conduct / manage drone.

Employment Term

a. Contract basis, one (1) year;

b. Located in Kulim, Kedah with working days from Monday to Friday.

Job Scope

a. To support supervisor for building maintenance works specifically in electrical and mechanical works and other general maintenance works of KTPC property.

b. Responsible for installing electrical system, air conditioning, fire fighting system, lift and water supply according to schedule.

c.  Responsible for troubleshooting, repairing mechanical and electrical system for KTPC property.

d. To support Executive/Supervisor in preparing maintenance contract with appointed contractor.

e. Assisting Executive/Supervisor in preparing maintenance monthly record for KTPC property especially for rental purpose.

f. Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of audio-visual system in the KHTP Seminar room.

g. Perform routine and scheduled maintenance across multiple properties.

h. Perform repairs, installations of fixtures and appliances, and replacement of damaged systems

i.  Diagnose and repair problems with building heat, electricity, and water systems

j. Be on-call to respond to emergency issues

k. Able to perform in installation, troubleshooting, servicing and maintenance of all electrical equipment in the control box at each location CCTV, server room and CCTV control room.

l. To assist in the performance troubleshooting, servicing and maintenance of all fiber optic equipment, networking systems, card system, fingerprint system and telephone systems.


a.  Performs administrative and clerical supports tasks;

b. Performs basic filing and recordkeeping;

c.  Performing other responsibilities as and when directed by the Head of Department, Management and Group Chief Executive Officer.


i. Permohonan untuk senarai kerja kosong di atas adalah melalui Jobstreet. Oleh demikian, anda dikehendaki mendaftar terlebih dahulu sebelum memohon. Tutorial mendaftar dan memohon ada admin sediakan di sini

ii. Jika sudah mendaftar, anda bolehlah memohon jawatan kosong di atas dengan menekan link yang admin sediakan di bawah. Semoga anda diberikan rezeki oleh Nya untuk memperoleh pekerjaan yang diidamkan. Aminn..

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Close date : 09 Mei 2023

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Jawatan Kosong 2022 di Kulim Technology Park Corporation Sdn Bhd


Kulim Technology Park Corporation Sdn Bhd has been entrusted with the development and management of Kulim Hi-Tech Park, a national project established by the government of Malaysia to spearhead the country's thrust towards high value added industrialization and R&D activities.

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