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Jawatan Kosong di SIRIM Berhad - 30 Jun 2023

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Jawatan Kosong 2023 di SIRIM Berhad | Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada Warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan dan berumur tidak kurang dari 18 tahun pada tarikh tutup iklan ditawarkan untuk memohon jawatan kosong terkini di SIRIM Berhad



  • Provide tactical technical leadership in planning, organizing and providing effective financial and accounting services to the Company in the area of financial management, accounting, taxation, budgeting, statutory financial reporting, taxation and management reporting to ensure timely reporting and in accordance with the financial procedures and internal controls in meeting stakeholders’ expectation.
  • Lead and monitor investment fund to maximize investment income to generate substantial income of the company as per annual business plan.
  • Control and manage OPEX & CAPEX prudently within the approved budget and ensure the optimization of resources to achieve the optimum yield.
  • Implement effective credit control and debts management accordance with established policy and guideline in order to achieve KPIs for credit management.

  • Possess a minimum Bachelor (Hons) in Accounting, with minimum 15 years’ working experience in related field
  • Common knowledge on accounting standards and company policies
  • Knowledge and experience in Financial Accounting and Reporting, Financial Management, Management Accounting, Taxation / Zakat, Assurance
  • Possess general knowledge in insurance, corporate governance, company/ business law, government budgeting process
  • Possess Leadership qualities, interpersonal, and negotiation skills
  • Possess Analytical thinking and problem-solving capability with the ability to provide new and innovative approaches
  • Demonstrate excellent written and oral communication skills


  • To conduct problem analysis, program design and coding.
  • To develop system for internal application
  • To conduct system analysis and computer programming tasks necessary to capture data process information accurately and precisely in accordance to state user requirement.
  • To produce report and maintain data files as required by computerized applications.
  • To formulate and design IT system architecture by using scientific analysis and mathematical models to predict & measure outcome and consequence design.
  • To review the usage of applications system and development tools in order to improve productivity or workflow of the organisations.

  • Possess a minimum basic degree in Computer Science/Information Technology/ Computer Engineering with minimum 3 years working experience.
  • Knowledge in Java, Javascript & Python
  • Knowledge in database design MySQL & MSSQL
  • Knowledge in REST API
  • Knowledge in low code/no code applications.
  • Knowledge in full cycle in system development

i. Permohonan untuk senarai kerja kosong di atas adalah melalui Jobstreet. Oleh demikian, anda dikehendaki mendaftar terlebih dahulu sebelum memohon. Tutorial mendaftar dan memohon ada admin sediakan di sini

ii. Jika sudah mendaftar, anda bolehlah memohon jawatan kosong di atas dengan menekan link yang admin sediakan di bawah. Semoga anda diberikan rezeki oleh Nya untuk memperoleh pekerjaan yang diidamkan. Aminn..

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Tarikh tutup permohonan : 17 - 30 Jun 2023

Jawatan Kosong 2023 di SIRIM Berhad

Company Overview

SIRIM is a premier industrial research and technology organisation in Malaysia, wholly-owned by the Ministry of Finance Incorporated. With over forty years of experience and expertise, SIRIM is mandated as the machinery for research and technology development, and the national champion of quality.

SIRIM has always played a major role in the development of the country's private sector. With its unique advantages in research and technology innovation, industry standards and quality, SIRIM offers specialised solutions to serve the needs of all industry sectors, making it the ideal technology partner for SMEs. By tapping into our expertise and knowledge base, we focus on developing new technologies and improvements in the manufacturing, technology and services sectors to enable businesses and enhance lives.

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